Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well I heard back from my exchangee and I have the funny feeling we have a lot in common. You see she already has a number of scarfs knitted out of Noro already in her wardrobe, but she doesn't tend to wear them as much as the softer scarfs. She told me to just knit whatever I felt comfortable with (nice exchangee!)

So I have decided to save Danica for another friend and put in an order for some Possum merino yarn. Not only is it super soft, but it is unlikely to be a yarn she has ever encountered before (she lives in America)

Now I just have to find a pattern that showcases the beauty of the yarn. I suspect a simple rib would be best but is it complex enough for the exchange?

I haven't yet heard from the person who is knitting for me but I am not panicking... there was a hiccup with the mail-out for the group I am in, so I emailed the hostess to let her know I hadn't yet heard from my partner. Or maybe she's just away from her computer for a few days.

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