Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Knit one, frog one

I have resisted posting a picture of the merino cardigan because I have to admit there is something not quite right about it. As well as being too tight and too short for me to wear comfortably now, it also pulls up oddly in the front. It simply does not do justice to the gorgeous yarn it is made of.

So I have made a decision. I am not going to waste the wool. I am not going to hide the cardigan away forever. I am going to frog it. And try again.

This is a painful yet liberating decision.

I've been having a lot of fun frogging knitting lately. While cleaning up around the house I found a half finished garter-stitch (!) blanket that was never going to be finished. In a lovely purple wool. I decided to have a go at unravelling it to see if the yarn was salvageable. Hours of entertainment in front of the TV. And I now have plenty of purple yarn to re-work into more hats.

I also found a gorgeous Noro Kureyon vest that I have never worn because although the knitting is perfect, it just doesn't sit right on me. At $14.50/ball I decided this was too good a yarn to waste. So I am very carefully unravelling it now. It's better off being reworked into a scarf than being tucked away on a shelf forever because I never liked the finished garment but couldn't bear to part with the previous wool.

In de-cluttering news, I spent the long weekend investigating a pile of assorted wool, sewing and papers that had accumulated next to my computer. This pile had archaeological value, with the bottom layer including projects and papers from my previous job (which I left 15 months ago).

I am pleased to report that there was carpet underneath the ruins and that all the objects have been sorted and catalogued. Important papers were filed, unimportant papers were thrown out, useless horrible yarn (cheap acrylic and odd balls I would never use) donated to the Op Shop and the yarn half-sorted into three large boxes and a spare shelf. I would post a photo but a square of clean carpet is very boring and I was too ashamed to take a before picture.

My cat, Smudgey, however is distressed by the loss of his lovely soft bed.

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