Wednesday, March 21, 2007

International Scarf Exchange 4 - let the knitting begin!

The International Scarf Exchange 4 is finally off and running. I received details of my exchangee, including the following:

7. Colours you like. Turquoise, Purple, Red, Orange, Green, Black

8. Colours you hate. Yellow, Gold

9. Fibres you like. Soft wools

I looked at my just started Danica scarf which I am knitting out of a Noro Kureyon colourway that seems to incorporate every "liked" and none of the "hated" colours.


I checked out my exchangee's blog which included lots of photos of brightly coloured socks. There is no doubt that the colour of the Noro yarn would dovetail nicely with her knitted items.

But... she specifically said she liked soft wools and Noro can be a little prickly. Except I also love soft wools and still love Noro.

Noro is a funny yarn - people either absolutely love it (like me) or just don't 'get it' (poor souls).

I decide to email my exchangee and ask her if she likes Noro. If the answer is yes, the Danica scarf will be for her. If she doesn't, I just might have an excuse to purchase some extra-soft Possum fur yarn to play with.

Either way, it's a win-win knitting scenario for me!

(PS: Apologies for no photos - the camera batteries are currently being recharged.)

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