Friday, March 23, 2007

Scarfs, scarfs, scarfs

Well Danica is going along nicely - as I suspected it showcase the beauty and variety of the Noro Kueryon very well. It's one of those patterns which is just complex enough to not be boring and simple enough to not be frustrating. It would be great for using up scraps of yarn also.

Pictured on the left is the Posmerino yarn I have selected for my secret pal. I haven't decided on a pattern yet. Apart from the fact is is a lovely soft yarn, being a combination of possum fur and merino yarn it is probably something she hasn't yet encountered. I am tempted by Illusions but will need to test if the stitch definition is sufficient. A simple rib would probably showcase the yarn best but that seems a little simple for the scarf exchange.

I received a lovely email from the person knitting for me with lots of questions about my likes and dislikes. This is the email I sent back.

Hi Juli,
Thanks for your email.
I want you to have fun knitting the scarf so please make sure you choose a pattern and yarn you enjoy.

Do you want a winter weight, or lighter scarf??
I live in Melbourne, Australia - home to four seasons in one day - but we don't get snow or temperatures below freezing. So maybe a lighter scarf (I've knitted way too many too warm scarfs for myself LOL)
What sort of scarf do you really enjoy wearing -- more plain, or interesting patterns like lace, cables, textured, etc???
The only thing I really dislike are short scarfs - I'm a long and skinny scarf kind of girl. I don't do much lace or cable knitting myself, so either would be a treat, but I also love nice simple ribs - please choose a pattern you enjoy knitting.
Fringe or no fringe?? It's something that a gal either loves or hates, it seems. lol.
This is really something I think depends on the yarn and pattern - I used to love fringes and I think they look good on simple rib scarfs, but they can be a bit excessive on other scarfs. Probably no fringe - unless you think the pattern calls for it (I'm not being very helpful, am I?)
Do you prefer a more bulky or thinner type scarf??
I'd probably prefer a thinner scarf - but if you fall in love with a soft bulky yarn I won't complain!
Sounds absolutely gorgeous. However as I am a klutz and occaissionally have to wash my scarfs it's probably best to not include them.
Any other details you can give me so I pick the perfect yarn and pattern???
I prefer strong 'gem' colours and a soft natural yarn (wool, alpaca, cashmere, silk blend, etc). Please pick something you enjoy knitting with as I suspect that will also be what I enjoy wearing.
All the best

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