Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Balancing Work, Family & Knitting Life

Well I'm back at work and trying to walk 10,000 steps a day, so my knitting time has been severely curtailed. But I've done about 40 cm on my Husky pullover which is pretty good. Unfortunately all the joins from the spoilt ball are showing through - I'm contemplating how to cover this. My current plan is to sew on a range of patches/motifs. I'm not really into knitting embroidery but I'm thinking a border of Australiana patches might look quite cool in a totally daggy way (in keeping with the oversized rugged sweater look). We'll see what I feel like in a week's time.

As this is a pretty bulky project, I'm just doing it on the couch in front of the TV and have started a baby cardigan to drag around to work, etc. This is one of my favourite patterns - I've already made 3 of them in various yarns. It's very easy but gives a professional look result and I'm itching to see how it works with the self-patterning sock yarn. Two of my friends are currently pregnant, so I'm sure I will have someone to give it to.

But in my usual ADD manner I may be putting this pattern aside to knit a couple more CPSU beanies. One of my comrades is currently in hospital having brain surgery. She's bought a heap of proper chemo caps but I like the idea of making her a union beanie - particularly as she has left me on the union exec filling in for her while she selfishly has a range of treatments for her brain tumour. Another comrade couple has just given birth to a new sprog (an extremely cute looking boy). Of course I could just hurry up with the baby cardigan for him but I think a CPSU Beanie may be more appropriate given the nature of my relationship with his parents.

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