Sunday, October 16, 2005

Retro knitting

I just had to frog half the front of my Husky jumper due to a slight mislcalculation as I tried to do the neckline (do'h).

So to distract myself from the disaster I found the following patterns, all available for sale on EBay Australia. At the risk of showing my true daggy nature, I will admit to quite liking the stripes and heart jumpers shown in the first catalogue. I'll pass on the aviator caps and hot pants though.

I feel compelled to point out that all these patterns were put out by Patons.

But before anyone, especially any knitters, start laughing too loudly, I suspect, shrugs, ponchos and capelets from the 2000s (and have I seen some AWFUL examples on other knitting blogs) will be mocked by the next generation.

On the felting disaster news, I put my petals in for another cycle with my gym gear that needed a wash. They are beginning to look a bit more like proper felt but I suspect another cycle is still required.

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