Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Knitting at the speed of light

The Husky jumper is my TV jumper, the one I mindlessly knit while watching Dancing with the Stars and All Saints. Which may explain why I absent-mindedly sewed an armhole seam to the neckline today. It's hard to concentrate on two things at once.

Once I unpicked that disaster and actually managed to sew the shoulder seams together and slipped it on, I was pleasantly surprised to find the shell of this jumper was not quite as hideous as I feared it may be. In fact I think it may turn out OK, especially once I steam block the front. If that fails, I will fall back on my idea of covering up the dodgey parts with motifs.

Any true knitter will despise the simplicity of the design, the lack of shaping and the fact it is done in nearly all stocking stitch (excluding ribs at the hips, cuffs and neck). And much of the knitting is done in the round which minimises the need to purl. Or sew the wrong seams to each other. Not to mention the lack of planning. But I am reasonably confident that I will not run out of wool and it id deliciously satisfying to work on a garment which knits up so quickly.

I'm an ADD knitter. Deal with it.


Knitti-me said...

Any true knitter would say "good on ya" for finishing a project! So what if it's stocking stitch. Stocking stitch projects are perfect for mindless knitting therapy and TV watching.

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Marg B said...

Thanks for your support! It's so easy to be intimidated by all the experienced knitters online. I'm on my third attempt at the sleave right now...