Saturday, October 22, 2005

Knitters for Workers' Rights

Unfortunately I can't report too much more progress on the Husky jumper. I picked up the stitches on one armhole and am about six inches down the sleave. I found it worked best if I used double-pointed needles to pick up the stiches and knit the first few rounds, then I changed to a small (40cm) circular needle. The knitting is much faster on the cicular needle than the dpns but I find I have to literally pick up the body of the jumper and rotate it each round, so it's a little awkward. Still I'm getting there.

I also lashed out and bought five skeins of Noro Kureyon (colour 153) on Ebay from England. So much for burning through my stash! But the Husky jumper is well underway and I had also sold the Cleckheaton Belle that had been staring reproachfully at me in my stash. Besides even with postage the yarn was at least 33 percent cheaper than buying it locally in Australia. Look at all the money I saved!

Fortunately this was also the week my husband decided to buy a new laptop (which admittedly was a great bargain for him), so he wasn't in a position to criticise my yarn purchasing. Maybe I should take advantage of this and purchase some more - or maybe I should watch my spending so we can afford to pay the mortgage and council rates!

I'm not sure whether I'll attempt to incorporate the Noro yarn into a jumper/cardigan (I have 20 skeins of Jo Sharp yarn also in my stash) or go for the ever reliable hat and scarf combo

Knitting for me is a real escape from the reality of the world which can be quite nasty and depressing at times. In Australia our government is proposing quite draconian counter-terror legislation and Industrial Relations reforms, so I've spent a fair bit of time dealing with union stuff at work and writing on my other blog Inside The Asylum. But I really need a break so my plans for tomorrow include going to the gym (to get my fitness back up) and a good stretch of knitting, listening to the BBC version of Lord of the Rings. I shall escape into Middle Earth with my thick Husky jumper and hopefully emerge warm and relaxed on the other side.

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