Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So much for my good intentions of finishing off some of my Works in Progress. Look what arrived in the post today.

There is soemthing seriously wrong when it is cheaper to buy yarn made in Japan from Scotland, even taking into account postage costs. This would have cost AUD$72-$75 in Australia but I paid well under $50 including postage when I bought it from EBay. OK that was a particularly good price even for EBay, but even so, it is generally cheaper and there is a far better colour range on the EBay site than anything we can get here. Of course you have to beware of scammers but it's quite safe to get something via the big sellers.

This specific bag of yarn travelled from Japan (Asia), all the way to Scotland (Northern Europe) before flying to Australia, possibly flying over Japan again in the process. Fortunately it does not look at all travelworn.

For people who are into the details, this is Noro Kureyon colour 153. And I think a hat and scarf are definitely in order.


Donna said...

mmmm.. Kureyon :)
I got some Rowan from the UK recently. It cost me $22 for 2 balls of Kid Classic, including postage, compared to an Aussie seller who has it for $18 a ball without shipping. Amazing, isn't it?

Random Knits

Marg B said...

Totally agree Donna! I am getting seriously cranky about the high prices we pay in Australia. Of course there is always the global market via the internet but then there is the problem of trying to resist that "bargain"...