Sunday, October 16, 2005

A felting failure

As any craftsperson with access to either magazines or the internet knows, felting is THE thing to be doing right now. And the ultimate most desirable wool for felting with is the extremely expensive but gorgeous Noro Kureyon.

Now there is no way I would have been brave or foolhardy enough to use Noro Kureyon for my first attempt at felting EXCEPT for the fact that I had a mere half a ball left which couldn't be used for anything except possibly some trim on a beanie. So when I stumbled upon this pattern for making felt poppies, I figured it was worth giving it a go.

I thought I couldn't fail. I was using THE wool; I had chosen a small simple project; I had a lingerie bag and a washing machine full of old towels ready to be blasted with hot and cold water on the fastest cycle.

THREE cycles later, having thoroughly soaked the pieces and vigorously agitated them with alternately hot and cold water, using detergent, the best that can be said is that the pieces are barely semi-felted. They are extremely clean though. Maybe I really was born to clean?? (See two posts back).

I couldn't believe this. I am the person who managed to semi-felt a jumper on its first wash - I had used cold water but obviously put it a little too close to the gas heater to dry. Yet when I tried to felt the proper wool - nothing doing!

The petals are beautifully coloured and an interesting shape so I may incorporate them into the Husky jumper.

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