Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The rainbow connection

Have you ever wanted to walk into a wool shop and say "I'll have one of every colour"?

In a brilliant piece of marketing, Marta's Yarns have put together a rainbow shawl kit that includes every shade of colour in boulce mohair - 24 hues spanning blue to greens to yellow to oranges to red to pinks to purples for $49.95. I haven't weighed the yarn but I estimte there is about 10 grams of each hue. To buy a 50 gram ball in each shade would cost $240.

I'm still sh*tty that I was charged an extra dollar for a very simple shawl pattern that is available free on her site. But the yarn is far better than her customer service. I decided to forgo the crappy shawl to knit up a hat and matching scarf - I do 3 rounds of each hue for the hat (I cast on about 92 stitches on a 5mm circular) and then knit the remaining of each hue into a simple garter-stitch scarf (25 stitches on 5mm straight bamboos).

According to the girls at work, it looks like I'm knitting up a Muppet Scarf. But at least it is proper mohair, not polyester fug fur.

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Carrie K said...

Yes! All the time.

One of my non (very very non) knitting friends was eyeing a muppet scarf in a yarn store I dragged her into and I told her "Just say no to muppet death." Since she repeated it endlessly, I think it made an impression.