Sunday, February 05, 2006

For the designer label baby...

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It's amazing how quickly this hat knitted up once I finished the irritating knit-one purl-one rib.

Hopefully it will pass muster with the Designer Label Baby's mother.

One thing about kids is that they are a great leveler. A grumpy toddler having a tantrum is just as annoying whether he is wearing Big W or Gap or Gucci. And kids have no appreciation for labels. In fact, evil bitch that I am, I can't wait to hear about the DLB having his first nappy leak while wearing his Baby Osh Kosh jeans...

Years ago I visited a friend who was living as a single mum with her toddler in one room. The kid happily played with my car keys while his mother and I played with the Fisher Price toy I had brought as a gift. She always felt guilty about how "deprived" he was as a young child. Fortunately things improved for her and last time I visited she had had two more kids and was living in a beautiful suburban house. Her youngest child, surrounded by every modern toy a child could want, spent the afternoon running happily around the house holding a broom and wearing an ice-cream bucket for a helmet.

Hopefully the DLB's mother will allow her son to enjoy such affordable pastimes.

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