Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ever since I saw a photo of this yarn I have lusted for its beautiful brightness. It just called out to the inner toddler in me who is in love with pinks and purples and all the colours of the rainbow.

But I was good. I was responsible. I resisted. Because at US$5.95/ball plus postage from the Netherlands it was too much a threat to my fragile budget. Then Astrid put her last five balls up for sale at US$5 for the lot and I succumbed. Sooner than you could say PayPal, it was winding its way to Australia along with a skein of full-priced Opal 6-ply sock yarn because, hey, I was paying all that postage anyway and might as well fill up the satchel completely.

Hmm... well it made budgetary sense at the time.

The label says it is Vogue Collection Ligne Noire; 50 metres in a 50 gram ball. And now I had to decide what to do with it.

I have enough scarfs and wanted something more challenging than knitting 2 metres of garter stitch. And the thing about a thick-thin rainbow coloured yarn is that IMHO it looks a lot nicer on the ball than actually knitted up into anything. But I wasn't going to let it just sit in my stash making me feel guilty about all the money I spent on postage and the space unnecessary 'stuff' takes up in the house.

According to Astrid this yarn is 100% wool and great for felting, so I thought I'd have a go at making a felted bag. I haven't had much luck in the past trying to do felting but the 'thick' part of this yarn is barely-spun roving. My friend Google pointed me towards this pattern for a Felted Bucket Bag. I'm hoping I have enough yarn - the pattern calls for four skeins of Noro; I have five skeins of this yarn but there is far less yardage per ball.

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Beth said...

I've ordered from Astrid. She's got a persuasive website. :) And that looks like a great pattern to use when you might run out of yarn.