Monday, July 23, 2007

Knitting Interruptus

Like most of the other blogs I've been perusing lately, Harry Potter has cast Knitting Interruptus on me while I finish the final seventh book.
No spoilers here for anyone still going through it.
I finished my first ribbed Lollipop sock (which looks seriously Ridiculous when not on my foot - J was making rude remarks about it looking like a condom for a horse - now that is a vision should a Bogart take over any one's cupboard...)
And at the risk of incurring second sock syndrome I have cast on another project.
One of my loveliest colleagues (based in another city) is expecting a baby on 2 September which means I have five weeks to make, block and post an appropriate item of clothing. EZ Baby Surprise jackets are all over the knitting blogosphere at the moment but 1/ I don't have the pattern; 2/ I'm not confident of the instructions for the alternative Baby Surplice jacket that I do have the pattern for; and 3/ I've previously made this top-down raglan baby jacket in self-striping 6-ply Opal sock yarn and I'm confident it will turn out well.
If I have time I will tackle the Baby Surplice jacket.

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