Monday, July 30, 2007

Pooling problem

Oh dear.

I cast off the baby jacket, folded the fronts together and noticed a slight problem. The Opal yarn stripes had pooled. As can be seen, the darker colours, the purple and pink pooled on the RHS of the cardigan, while the white and pale blue pooled on the LHS.

It doesn't look like it, but the body is all one piece!

Hmm. Well at least it answered my question about whether I should try and match the stripes on the cardigan sleeves.

Any ideas?


Beth said...

I wouldn't have foreseen that at all. No clue on what you should do now. I suppose there wouldn't have been any pooling if it was knit in pieces and sewn. I'll remember that in case I ever use that yarn for a baby stuff - 'cause you know I *love* the self-striping yarn!

chocolatetrudi said...

You could dye it. The pooling might not be so dramatic if there was less contrast between the colours.