Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No longer a beginner

As I sit in front of the TV mindlessly knitting, knitting, knitting in the round, it strikes me that I am no longer a beginner. I am getting bored out of my mind knitting, knitting, knitting this bucket bag on 9mm circular needles, even while watching TV. The only thing keeping me going is the desire to see whether I can actually felt this into a bag. And I'm chuffed to have finally found a use for those fat circular needles I bought on impulse from eBay a few years ago because it was such a great 'bargain' (I'm much better now at resisting 'bargains' on eBay).

So I predict I'll have this bag finished by the end of the week, providing I can stay awake for that long.



Beth said...

You need to have more than one project going at a time. Use something mindless like that for your TV knitting then have something else more fun for other times. :)

Lisa said...

Hello from the USA! I just found your blog while looking for illusion knitting patterns. We are so much alike! I live with a husband and three cats and learned to knit just over a year ago. Since then I've made something like 20 felted bags (my latest obsession), a bunch of hats & scarves and shawls and two illusion scarves. I made the skull & bones scarf for my husband last year, except I just did one skull on each end and plain garter stitch for the rest. (It went much faster that way.) I'm going to add your blog to my (very short) list of knitting sites I visit regularly. And now I'm off to read the archives... :)

Marg B said...

Hi Beth - I spent nearly a year catching up with all my WIPs - don't tempt me to fall down that pit again [although I no doubt will :)] I have too many ideas to know what I'll be starting next.

Hi Lisa - lovely to meet you. Do you have a blog I can read?