Friday, July 13, 2007

Final words on ISE4

I am no longer putting buttons in my sidebar (except for the knitting ring buttons). I lost all my buttons when I moved to the new Blogger and found that I could cope without them. And I could never decide how long to keep them or if the number was getting ridiculous.

Hence the internal posting for the 'Gold Star ISE4 Pal' button for playing by the rules, making contact with my pals, sending my scarf off on time and posting to the group blog. A kind of high tech version of what the teachers used to put on neatly written work in primary school.

I ended up exchanging a couple of (nice) emails with the organisers expressing my concerns about how some of the exchangees seemed to be pushing up the ante when it came to sending 'extras' with their scarf - which added to postage costs as well as the cost of the extras. (I previously posted about this here.) And I got a very nice receptive response from Sharon who is also in Australia who said she was thinking of organising a lightweight category in the next scarf exchange - which means packages including extras would be limited to a reasonable (but yet to be decided) weight.

I think that's a fabulous idea and am looking forward to a lightweight ISE5.

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Beth said...

You may also have been nominated for a 5-star pal but I sure don't have the say on it. But if it was up to me, you'd be in baby! :)