Saturday, January 28, 2006

And today's non-knitting is brought to you by Melbourne's weather

I know this is meant to be a knitting blog, not a weather blog, but any Melbournian who claims to have knitted this week is either 1/ Lying or 2/ Owner of a far better air-conditioning system than me.

It's been HOT. There have been some terrible bushfires in the country, including my beloved Kinglake. I'm trying to be happy that it's raining on the basis that the firemen are happy but it seems we have substituted desert heat for tropical jungle heat. I felt like I was walking through steam to work yesterday.

None of this is very conducive to knitting.

It looks like I'll be knitting another hat as one of my friend's sisters has popped out a baby. At least it has a chance of being worn this winter, unlike, say, booties which I have never seen any baby wear except for photos or to show to someone who made them. Not that I'm holding my breath. A handmade item doesn't have a designer label on it but there is no way I'd ever buy a designer item or this kid will be allowed near a Target outfit.

Before we started our fifth heatwave of the season I had done a few pattern repeats on a short row rib scarf I am knitting. As you can probably tell, I'm going through a short row scarf phase. I had seen this pattern but would never have considered it based on the photo except I saw a photo on another blog of someone who did it in a multi-coloured yarn and it looked fabulous. I had a pack of Noro Kureyon Colour 148 at home which was just begging to be knitted. I love the way the scarf is turning out but the colours aren't 'me' - too much olive and not enough purple. So it will be a gift.

I've also started a long-stitch kit that I bought at the Op-Shop last year. It's of the Barrier Reef and had not been started - the packaging was just a bit damaged. So it was a good buy. Long-stitch is for kids and ADD adults who want a super-quick result. I'm not overly fond of them (it feels like cheating) but I love the pattern and colours on this one.

And hi to Susan (if she is reading this). Although I mainly write this for myself, I like to put in something for everyone and there are some people who aren't happy unless they can pick up a few mistakes. I've fixed them up now :)

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Sheep Rustler said...

Hasn't it been awful without air conditioning!! I have knitted a couple of rows here and there of a cotton jumper, sitting in front of the fan late at night, but most of the time not even that. A bit os sock knitting in the car with the aircon on, too.