Sunday, January 08, 2006

Isabella's pony hat

This beanie is for my niece, Isabella, who lives in America. I really wanted to make it Australian-themed with a kitsch koala or kangaroo pattern but my husband convinced me that horses might be better given that Isabella has riding lessons every week and is in love with her pony.

I got the pattern out of one of my Liz Gemmel Australiana knitting books - it's supposed to be brumbies (wild horses in the Australian high country) but I'm sure Isabella will assume it is her pony.

This is almost as virtuous as the worthy beanie - it is made out of the remainder of some pink 8ply yarn that I used to knit a jumper for Isabella last year and some tan Patons yarn that I inherited from my mother and which probably dates back to the 1970s. So no extra money spent on this either. Which is a good thing as the credit card is severely strained by my need to purchase some professional-looking clothes for my new job which starts next week.

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