Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Good grief, another hat!

I swear this is the last hat that I am knitting for a long time. It is yet another beanie made for yet another relative in America. The problem is that one can't knit beanies for three of the relatives and ignore the other two. No, I ended up having to knit a beanie for everyone.

This is yet another worthy stash-burner project. I had some left-over hand-dyed 'stormy skies' yarn from Highland Cottage Crafts off eBay. As you can see it is a lovely colour. It wasn't enough for a hat so I 'stretched' it by knitting a few rounds in some left-over purple Cleckheaton yarn that blended nicely.

I've decided this is going to my mother-in-law while my sister-in-law will get the pinky purple alpaca beanie. My father-in-law gets the grey worthy beanie and bother-in-law the cream beanie I made out of scrap wool last year. Isabella of course gets the pony hat.

I've now picked up a drop-stitch shawl that I started last April during a union conference. It's very easy and great for mindless TV watching knitting but it's got to the awkward size where I can really only knit it at home, so I'm going to have to find another project to keep me busy on the trams when I return to work next week.

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