Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First Finished Objects for 2006

Because what one needs in the middle of an Australian summer heatwave is yet another woolen hat and scarf combination.

The yarn is my favourite Noro Kureyon (colour 134); the patterns are Multidirectional Scarf and my own Noro Ribbed Hat design - both available free on the net.

After the freaky hot end to 2005 (we hit 43 degrees Celsius - that's 109 degrees Fahrenheit - in the shade on December 31) the weather has settled down to a much more pleasant mid-20s degrees Celsius (that's about 75 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature this week.

In terms of my NY resolutions - well yesterday I went to the gym, washed up the NYE party dishes and worked with my husband on the garden. And I didn't eat any junk food. I bought a 2006 diary, posted out a DVD I'd owed a friend for weeks and posted the accident report to my insurance company. Let's hope the RACV accepts it as they haven't been able to make contact with the driver that ran into the back of my husband. It seems that despite all the advertisements that say that if you are able to identify the other driver in a no fault accident, you won't be hit with an excess charge, if the other driver doesn't answer phone calls and letters from the insurance company, we could still be hit with a $450 excess charge. Which is so not fair. What else could my husband do but get the name, address, phone number and registration of the other driver?

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