Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The purpose of pompoms

What a difference a pompom makes!
"Is that a cock and ball warmer for a horse?" asked my husband rather rudely when I showed him the hat sans pompom (please note, I had already decided a pompom was required but couldn't resist showing off my masterpiece).
I had a day off work. I had a heap of New Year Resolutions to clean up the house and go to the gym. I had one ball of Noro Kureyon and a small amount of purple alpaca yarn left. So of course I made another hat. For a friend's birthday. In June.
I'm planning ahead.


Miss And said...

Your creations are just gorgeous!! But sadly, I am a one-needle woman. LOL!

Excellent blog.

Knitti-me said...

HeHe - The hat did look rather rude sans pompom. Would love to see it modeled.

I just love Noro. I'm wearing my Klaralund as I type.