Sunday, January 22, 2006

Looks like another baby project

Well the good news is that Rachel is definitely healthy and does not have gestational diabetes. The doctor sent her for tests after it seemed that she was producing quite a large baby. The bad news (for me at least) is that I will definitely have to come up with another birth present. Which is fine. I'd rather she gave birth to a large healthy child than a small and sickly one.

I'll finish off the cardigan I started. One of my friends is tossing around the idea of having a craft night as a fundraiser for her charity and I'm sure a cardigan for a small newborn baby will sell well. Not that I've got much knitting done. It was 40 degrees yesterday and will hit 43 today (109 in the shade for any Americans).

I started my new job last week. I'm still feeling around as to what I should do although they have written all sorts of nice things about me in the organisation's magazine. I seem to have two quite distinct and separate roles. One is to come up to speed on all aspects of salary packaging and the related tax implications for members as this is one aspect of my boss' job that he definitely wants me to take over. The second is to research and understand the local and international labour market as it affects our members. A third role, which I'll be trained in, is learning how to evaluate jobs in the brave new world of Australia's Industrial Relations system so our members know what their fair market value is.

I've started a multi-directional ribbed short-row scarf to work on the tram/train going to and from work but put it aside for a book when the weather started heating up. The really good part of my new job is that it is easy to build 45-60 minutes walking per day into it. It's a lovely flat 30 minute walk mostly along a shady boulevard from the city into work in the mornings, when the trams are packed anyway. Two nights last week I also walked back into the city after work - the other days I still had to walk 10-15 minutes to catch a tram. It was tough the first few days but I can tell my body is getting used to it.

More knitting news when the weather returns to something approaching normality.

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