Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm still alive

I'm feeling really guilty for not posting for a while, not the least because a couple of my friends, the proud parents of a shit-producer who I so wantonly insulted a few posts back, bought me a set of bamboo needles as a belated birthday present.

Not a pair, but a set of 8 pairs of bamboo needles, ranging in size from 3mm to 6mm, in its own lovely needle case.

It was one of the most thoughtful presents that I never expected to get from non-knitters. I have so many multiple pairs of plastic and metal needles that I could not justify buying bamboo needles just to try them out because I had read so many other blogs praising them.

Not that I've had a chance to try them out because I started my new job this week and am getting into the swing of things. Plus summer is back with a vengeance - 35 degrees today and tomorrow.

But at least I've started walking everyday - 30 minutes from the city to work, so I'm not kicking myself.

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