Sunday, February 26, 2006

If only I could approach my life like I approach my knitting

I've noticed that when it comes to knitting, I really have it all together. Many of my non-knitting friends think I am so talented whereas it's more a case that I've learnt how to not set myself up for failure. For instance, the socks I just knitted; I deliberately went out and found a pattern for 8-ply wool because it would be much quicker than knitting 4-ply. I will attempt to make socks out of traditional (much thinner) sock yarn AFTER I've learnt how to make a basic sock. So everyone is impressed that I've made a pair of socks - they don't see me as having "cheated" by using thick wool; all they notice is that I'm not one of these people walking around with half an unfinished sock on the needles because it is just too slow and frustrating to get anywhere. I've learnt to utilise yarn that enables me to knit simple patterns that look OK (I love Noro!). I take "baby steps" learning one skill at a time on a project. And if a project fails, I can chuck it in saying "it just didn't work" rather than berate myself for being a failure in life because I couldn't manage a complex project.

Now if only I could transfer this healthy approach to the rest of my life, I might just get somewhere.

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