Saturday, February 11, 2006

Team Procrastination here I come!

Ye gawds! If you've been following the Knitting Olympics around blogland, you will see there are some people taking this very very seriously. But there was NO WAY I was getting up at 6am Australian time just so I could cast on during the lighting of the Olympic flame.

Anyway I have to finish off YET ANOTHER baby hat since YET ANOTHER friend produced YET ANOTHER child.

Sam had YET ANOTHER boy making it 3 in total. She was all booked in to have her C-section on Friday when labour kicked in at 4.30am on Thursday. The best laid plans of mice, men and Elsternwick girls. By 10am she decided that natural labour was NOT FUN and she wanted a C-section. NOW. But as she was still reasonably early into a perfectly normal labour and only felt like she was dying than actually doing so, the doctors didn't break any records getting her into the theatre. At 12.30 she gave birth to Aaron Abraham who at 4.1 kg weighed more than her previous twins did together.

Her other two boys are called Ariel and Asher, so they all share the same initials.

I'm at the decreasing stage of the hat, so it shouldn't take too long now.

I'm adding a few more Knitting Olympic buttons on my site. I can't find "Team Procrastination" yet but there is "Team What The Hell Was I Thinking".

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