Sunday, October 21, 2007

Decluttering de stuff

Thank-you to the people who have warned me about the dangers of spinning. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before I succumb but hopefully AFTER I have catalogued all my yarn on Ravelry and faced the reality that is my stash.

I was looking for some pins today and opened a random box in the stationary cupboard. Inside was a bag of pale grey mohair and some 12-ply maroon Cleckheaton Country that I had forgotten that I even had! I also found the much needed index tabs for the filing cabinet that I had been searching fruitlessly for last month. And a working stapler which means I don't have to buy another. The pins were in the bathroom. Don't ask me why or how they got there.

I have to get my life in order.

We are far from the wealthiest people I know but I am convinced that our house contains nearly everything we need - if only we could find it! Did I mention that earlier this year I found a nearly new fine merino NZ jumper that I had bought on my honeymoon and never worn despite a distinct lack of suitable winter clothing to wear to work?

I am feeling very inspired by Taphophile who is doing the 'Seven Things' project, where one aims to have a net reduction of seven items in the home each week. Through her, I found BookCrossing which is a way of sending unwanted books out into the world and having a hope in hell of discovering what happens to them afterwards. (I have a close friend who is very into geocaching; this is a literary version, without the numbers.) I did a major book cull earlier this year but think I am ready to do a second cut. I know some people manage to make money on eBay but I haven't had much luck trying to dispose of books this way. Taking into account the time it takes to list books, the fees, the problem of postage, etc, it hardly seems worth the bother. But this looks like a fun alternative to merely dropping off the books at the local op shop, although no doubt I'll do that to.


Beth said...

I need to get rid of more than seven things a week. Maybe seven things a day...

Taphophile said...

Warning, warning - BookCrossing sounds like a great way to get rid of books, but almost everyone ends up with MORE books. Beware Book Rings and Book Rays!

I know what you mean about getting organised - I will, just as soon as I can find some space to do it!

Know what you mean about 7 things, Beth. Trust me, though, making it a small number, just one a day, makes it so much more doable - it's not so daunting this way. :)