Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ISE 5 - Take 3 - Wave and Shell

I ended up frogging Midwest Moonlight and went and spent a ridiculous amount of money on some extra fine merino (so much for knitting from the stash!) and am now knitting something completely different. But I'm in love with the new wool (Zarina extra fine merino, 4ply) which is so tactile and soothing. It is seriously probably the best quality yarn I have ever used and tolerated numerous re-starts with no fraying or piling.

My pal says she loves blues and jewel tones and I think this was the nicest colour available in the LYS near where I work.

Part of the problem was that my scarf pal wanted a wide scarf, about 10 inches across, that she could pull over her head (not sure if she was hinting for a shawl which I have never made), so I really needed to make something lighter and lacier than Midwest Moonlight was turning out . After frogging a few more complex lace patterns, I decided on Wave and Shell, a version of feather and fan which I think is turning out very nicely. I'm only doing 2 pattern repeats on 5mm needles which I think will create a 10-12 inch scarf once it is blocked. And I can knit on the tram or in front of the TV without stuffing up! I'd happily wear it myself which is always a good sign - unlike Midwest Moonlight which for some reason was beginning to really annoy me.

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