Sunday, October 21, 2007

The scarf which grew

Above is a picture of part of wave and shell blocking. Ignore the less than straight sides please. This scarf went into the washing machine at 58 inches and somehow came out measuring more than 72 inches. Which is my idea of the right length for a scarf but probably a bit long for my pal.

Which means I probably should have stopped knitting at the end of the second ball but I didn't want to be skimpy and cast on the start of the third ball for an extra pattern repeat.

I also learnt that one should never try to knit lace when sleepy - I spent a good hour knitting backwards to find a row which had the correct number of stitches on it. But all in all I'm very happy with how it turned out and hope my pal is as well. I'm on the hunt for some lightweight goodies to send with it over the seas. Tim Tam may be quintessentially Australian but they are relatively heavy to send airmail and I'm terrified they may melt en route. I'm hoping some lovely lightweight Clover products in their original wrapping might be appreciated. So far the only items I've used is the click counter. How many needles in duplicate sizes does one really need?

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