Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My love affair with Zarina

Zarina extra-fine merino!  How do I love thee?  You put up with being squished in my backpack, knitted and unravelled adnauseum, poked and prodded, yet still look as fresh and new as the day I picked you off the shelf.  You sum up the reason why one should buy for quality, rather than price.
I'm about 27 inches into the wave and shell scarf (unstretched and unblocked - no doubt it will block much longer) and have only just started my second ball of yarn (Oh Zarina, your yardage is just so generous!  184 yards to a 50 gram skein.)  I most likely could have got away with buying just two balls for my ISE 5 pal's scarf but with 3 balls I know there will be no skimping on length or quality.  And hopefully there may be enough left over for a little project for myself.

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