Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ISE 5 scarf posted

I can't get over how expensive international postage is! The above items (total weight 300 grams) cost $16 to send by airmail to America. Aside from the scarf, I included an Australia/America friendship pin, a packet of "Hand knitted for you" tags, a little Australian flag and 4mm circular Clover knitting needle in a little bag which is just the right size for carrying a sock project. I wrapped it in Christmas paper designed by a local Melbourne artist Michael Leunig and packed it in a special Australia Post Christmas post pack.

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M-H said...

Hmmm. I think that when you think of how complex the process of transporting and delivering international mail over huge distances is, we get it quite cheaply. Nothing I have posted (I would think dozens, if not over 100 parcels) has ever been lost, nor has anything I've ever had sent to me. Our postage is more expensive than it is in the US, but that is probably partly a function of our smaller population base. Economies of scale rule! :)