Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tea Cosy Swap

Now that the knitting for ISE 5 is out of the way (I still need to pack and post the parcel), I can concentrate on the next swap - the Australian Tea Cosy swap. We've been asked to post pictures of our teapots, which in my case is a coffee plunger. The only teapot I have is a very tall stately one which doesn't lend itself to a cosy, so I decided to ask for a coffee plunger cosy instead.

In this swap we're being encouraged to knit from my stash which I think is a very good idea. The one thing I know about my pal is that she is obsessed with green, so I've pulled the above odd balls out of the stash. I'm envisioning something very bright, but with a green base. She hasn't posted a picture of her pot yet but I know it is 36cm round and 15cm high. I just need to work out a pattern.

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